Friday, June 4, 2010

Gen Y Marketing Podcast - Episode 74

Here is a little lesson for all you budding podcast producers out there. If you are the guy in the group who's job it is to edit the show and post it to the internet, the trick is to make the others think that this takes hours and hours of your time and you are bearing more than your fair share of the work load. For this reason I dont recommend getting the podcast mixed and posted less than 2 hours after you finished recording, this will ruin the fa├žade you have spent the last 3 years putting up.

Unfortunately (for me), I have to break with this piece of advice this week but luckily (for you.. depending on how much you like the show) you get the show 2 days early. In theory that will mean this weeks news is even more on point than usual... in theory.

In this weeks show:-

Campains that work (or don’t work)

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