Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gen Y Marketing Podcast - Episode 75

There will be some tired and disappointed fans this morning, there is little doubt. After waiting up all night, watching, hoping with baited breath that the nations luck will change and the gods will look kindly on this little island it was not to be. Many had waited 4 years for this, to see a team rise up against the odds, over come adversity and make history but alas no. Seeing those sad faces walking home disappointed really brought home how much the Gen Y Marketing Podcast means to this country. The truth is, I could have posted the podcast last night, I could have pleased the masses, I just didnt get around to it. So to the thousands of fans that packed Federation Square and countless pubs and bars all over Australia, to you I say sorry... I will try and get the podcast up early next week.

Gay Friendly McDonald Ad

State plans to ban ads discriminatory against women

bridepop says your bride to be is a fat ass

KitKat escapes ad ban‘Tennis’_advert_escapes_ban_after_complaints_from_parents

google and apple at battle of iphone ad rules

Banks mad about misleading ad (that isn't one of theirs)

Awards means business success apparently,_says_report

Campains that work (or don’t work)

Star wars, snoop dog and adidas

lazy politician


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Another successfull training session completed with the help of your most recent podcast! I could not help but laugh at those slim fast adds, I had to come back to work to check them out! I was wondering... can you cover what the paper is calling (well The Australian at least) the Master Chef Effect in your next podcast? They are comparing it to the Potter Effect. I would be really keen to hear your thoughts about this show. Keep up the good work..!

Nudge Marketing said...

Hahaha we are hands down the most visual audio podcast on the internet.

As for the Master Chef effect, Paul is already aware that if he fails to plate up a half decent dessert he is likely to be voted off the podcast but I'm sure we can slot in some more general Master Chef discussion/ranting into the next show.