Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gen Y Marketing Podcast - Episode 73

Nat's a screw up, we all know this. But when I asked him to line up a special guest for this weeks show to fill in for Paul who had been shipped out on a top secret mission (for those of you that are not aware, Paul is actually a Navy Seal) I was quite excited to hear that Michael Bolton was going to be joining us. Unfortunately Nat "fat fingers" Graf's typo on the request sheet resulted in Andrew Bolt joining us instead. We thank Andrew for his contribution in this weeks show although his rendition of "Sitting on the dock of the Bay" was somewhat lacking.

ON this weeks show:-

Campains that work (or don’t work)


Anonymous said...

Hi! I have just completed a Master in Commerce majoring in marketing and the best job I could get straight out of uni was ... wait for it... a receptionist job! At least it is for a large company. I discovered Gen Y Marketing Podcast on the weekend, I was searching for something to keep my mind occupied while on my run (training for a 1/2 marathon at the moment!) and basically I love your work! Your podcast was funny, on the money and it actually reminded me why I chose marketing as my major! Hopefully one day I will get that elusive marketing role but till then I will listen to your podcasts to keep me motivated, focused and up to date! Thank you so much!

Nudge Marketing said...

Hey Kjorm! Thank you for the kind words. Personally I am astonished that you would find any inspiration from what we have to say (especially what Nat says, I struggle myself to make sense of what he is on about most times) but we appreciate it none the less.

1/2 marathon sounds exhausting, but I am glad to hear you find the show a worthwhile distraction during training.