Saturday, October 25, 2008

Gen Y Marketing Podcast - Episode 34

Back by popular demand this week Zac Martin from Pigs Dont Fly joins Jake and Nat to bring us his unique take on the world of Generation Y marketing and new media. Speaking of new media Nat also gives you the latest news from the world of the Cassette tape (that boy sure has his finger on the pulse of technology I think you will all agree).

This weeks show :-

Marketing News this week:-

Feature discussion this week:-
  • We take a look at the marketing tactics of the 2008 US presidential election. Everything from coffee cups to video games in the race to be the leader of the free world.

Campaign Focus:-

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a atkinson said...

Hey Jake,

Thanks for reading my blog, and for the comment! my blog is a little light on the content right now, due to my looming exams!!

I enjoy your blog, keep it up :)