Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gen Y Marketing Podcast - Episode 88

With the film "The Kings Speech" set to clean up at the Oscars this year, I feel the need to set the story straight on a couple of things. We have been inundated with questions of recently asking everything from "is Nat's speech impediment the same kind that King George the VI's suffered from?" to "Is it true Nat turned down the role of King George the sixth in the movie?". To set your minds at rest people, we had nothing to do with this particular film but you can look forward to our upcoming release entitled "The lispy guy from the Gen Y Marketing Podcasts first episode" which tells as similar story but just different enough to avoid any copyright infringements.

Taco Bell flips the script,0,408198.story

Two ad censorship stories

Con the fruiterer steps on Sam Kekovich's Australia day turf

Facebook to let advertisers republish post

Comic to live in Macy's Window

Campains that work (or don’t work)

Vodafone make a difference

Days of our lives product placement

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