Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gen Y Marketing Podcast - Episode 28

Just when you though the Gen Y Marketing podcast couldn't get any longer... This week we were lucky enough to have Tash from IsNot Magazine step in to the "studio" for a livley discussion on all things marketing. Tash has a wealth of experience in marketing to the "we hate being marketed to" gen Y crowd and offers some new insights on the intracicies of Generation Y.

This weeks show :-

Marketing News this week:-

Feature discussion this week:-
  • We talk to Tash from IsNot Magazine about advertising, branding, sponsorship (and a whole stack of other non-gen y marketing related stuff) in today's marketing environment.
Campaign Focus:-


k-a-t-e said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Tash - I hate the Guinness Spec ad!!

nat said...

The more I think about it - I can't believe that I missed that whole "sharing a girl" thing. Either I am thick or insensitive to gender issues (hmmm, which do I choose). but i think you may both be right Kate!

Zac Martin said...

I think that spot is funny and hits the target market well. Of course they are trying to distance themselves but secretly they are loving it.

Quote of the week goes to Mr Nat Graf with, "I would like to be abused by a Snickers bar".