Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gen Y Marketing Podcast - Episode 27

A special presentation for you this week, the guys at the Marketing Today podcast and the Gen Y Marketing crew team up for a special podcast marketing debate. The subject at hand? Is viral marketing a great idea or a waste of time and money?

For the sake of argument the Gen Y team of Jake, Paul and Nat will argue the negative with Julian Cole, Cori Hodge and Peter Wagstaff taking on the affirmative.

So without further ado let the smack down begin...


k-a-t-e said...

Nice work guys... you should definitely do a combined Podcast again although perhaps they could plug Zac Martin a bit more next time!

Anyway Nat I want to check out your new blog you spoke about - Love Me Your Famous - but surprisingly you didn't do a good job of promoting it as I don't think you mentioned the URL (Google couldn't help me either... perhaps it's uber new it hasn't been crawled yet).

nat said...

Thanks Kate.
Just checked the Zeitgeist blog too. nice work.
Yeah, my blog - it is actually, Love Me You're Famous - at
I really should make sure I have some stuff so it grabs "Your" as well as You're".

k-a-t-e said...

Hi Nat,
Thanks for the comment on the blog ;)
In answer to your q... urm I can't remember exactly how I found the GYMP - I usually just surf blogs (I have a huge bookmark list) and often do the marketing rounds so must have seen a link through.

Looking forward to the next podcast! ... Oh it's just been uploaded now!