Saturday, July 7, 2007

Gen Y Marketing Podcast - Episode 1

So we have been hard at work recording the Gen Y Marketing Podcast lately and its now available for you to listen to here. Below is the rundown for this weeks podcast..

This week on the Gen Y Marketing Podcast we take a look at the following:-

Marketing News this week:-
  • RTA's new ad to target young male drivers
  • 12% of Senior marketers see value in consumer generated content
  • Text my t shirt and the t shirt responds?
  • Greenpeace beams their message to the world
  • 7 eleven joins the Simpsons joke and rebrands to Kwik-e-Mart
Feature Discussion this week:-
  • Ambient Marketing - What works and what doesn't.
Campaign focus:-
  • "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" Ads - preaching to the converted?
  • - making manufacturing sexy?

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