Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gen Y Marketing Podcast - Episode 83

BIG HOLIDAY ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Ok well its not really that big, but if we have learnt anything from the advertising world it's to over state and under deliver on everything. This weeks Gen Y Marketing Podcast will be the last show for a few weeks. The 3 of us are working on another project over the next month or so and as a result wont be able to do our usual show. But don't despair, we will be back very soon to continue the usual inaccurate information and questionable research very soon. And now on with the show:-

Facebook – I like it on

FritoLay bins the world's first biodegradable crisp bag... because it's too noisy

Defamation by algorithm

Netflix screws up its launch in Canada

Nova pulls teddy bear in blender ad as views mistake it for puppy

Scented billboards

Twitter feed inspires second kutcher sitcom

Campains that work (or don’t work)


Microsoft double rainbow



Anonymous said...

I Like the ebay and marketing

Approved Articles said...

Interesting Links

Toldu said...

Yes, guys, I am still reading your show notes (Steve the phantom shownotes reader). Thanks for the begrudging mention during your last show - better to be talked about than not talked about.