Friday, August 27, 2010

Gen Y Marketing Podcast - Episode 80

Australia's first hung parliament in 70 odd years has left many people wondering what the future holds for the countries political system. As the ballot counting continues it seems apparent that the power to choose who leads this country resides in the hands of 3 obscure independents who's decisions may well shape our nation over the next 3 years.

We know they have some crazy ideas, we know there is a risk in putting such power in the hands of so few. But ladies and gentlemen I would like you all to take a moment and be thankful that the three men that are charged with deciding the future of this country are not Jake, Nat and Paul from the Gen Y Marketing Podcast. Spend a minute and imagine what kind of drunken, hair brained ideas the Gen Y Marketing team would be trying to pass were they holding the country by the throat. My point? It could be much worse...

On this weeks show:-

Consumers choose entertaining ads

Drive thru supermarkets in UK‘drive-thru’_supermarket

Federers youtube hit

Sevens new digital TV station to target men Tens new channel to target the youth

Sexy girl turns into demon

Band pays public to listen to single

Campains that work (or don’t work)



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