Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gen Y Marketing Podcast - Episode 66

Your standing in the mens toilets in a little known bar in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. You step up to the mens urinal, start relieving yourself and then all of a sudden you see a flash! You are disorientated, you are confused. Flash! Flash! You turn around to see a bearded figure holding a camera pointed in your direction. You think to yourself "who is this pervert? why is he snapping photos in the mens toilets?". As your eyes recover from the temporary flash educed blindness you see a man running out the door. As he flees you hear him say "It's just research for my podcast!".

Nab helps fight unfair banking

Tattoo trip plan derailed

Apple rejects search based advertising apps

Internet display ads on the increase

Myspace music trials audio ads

Viral Ad on Seek attracts 100 applicants

Adobe plays porn card

Stop abusing vegetables billboard


Career Builder

Google Supper bowl ad


Tommy K said...

Whoa, nobody has called you out on the entire NAB "unfair banking" piece where you confuse NAB with Westpac here yet?

That interest rate rise above RBA incident was Westpac. As was the condescending "smoothies" video.

Otherwise, nice ep

nat said...

Ha. awesome pick up Tommy. cheers. of course I am going to blame it on Jake (and if not Jake then surely Paul). I WORK WITH IDIOTS! :p
thanks for getting in touch.
peace. nat.