Friday, June 19, 2009

Gen Y Marketing Podcast - Episode 50

When was the last time you did something 50 times? huh? yeah exactly... NEVER!! Well here at the Gen Y Marketing Podcast we have finally made it to 50 episodes!! Thats right ladies and gentlemen on at least 50 occasions Nat Jake and Paul (well sometimes Paul) managed to sit around on a friday night, get drunk and talk about Gen Y Marketing (well sometimes). Here is a photo we took of the after party..

This weeks show :-

Marketing News this week:-

  • Digg to revolutionise advertising? really? with this?
  • American Apparel ads to risque? Nope they are fine.

Campaign Focus:-

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MacInnis Marketing said...

Hi Jake and guys. Well the language is a bit colourful at times but you have your finger on the pulse of gen X. Love the format and the amount of content you cover. Would be good to have more clips, interviews and perhaps even open it up to live tweets depending when you broadcast and if you have a regular time like Marketing Geeks. Have a look at Jay Berkowitz 10 goldenrules podcast. Great format as well.

Keep it up. PS if you ever want a female perspective, happy to be a guest a midst the lads.
Danielle MacInnis
twitter/: danmac30