Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gen Y Marketing Podcast - Episode 46

Its been 6 weeks since we were blessed by the presence of Paul here on the Gen Y Marketing podcast and we sure are happy to have him back (cause he actually does research unlike the rest of us). A corker of an episode for you this week packed with all sorts of marketing news you can sink your teeth into..

This weeks show :-

Marketing News this week:-

Campaign Focus:-


CrunchyJew said...

Hey guys, love the show, any chance you can take out some of the bass in the recording? Its always about 10x more than anyother show and ends up sounding really muddy or I have to fiddle with my eq every time I listen. I think it would really help the podcast feel that much more polished.

Keep up the great work!

Tannie said...

Hey guys

Another great show. Just one idea for the blog itself i think it would be good to have a page that actually gives a breakdown of everyone you have on the show as well as guests. I was actually going to see if i could track you down on twitter a bit after listening to it and don't really feel like searching through the entire podcast just to find something that got a small mention