Saturday, March 14, 2009

Gen Y Marketing Podcast - Episode 44

In the tradition of pet rocks, hyper-colour tshirts and facebook apps, this week the Gen Y Marketing Podcast is all about Twitter (or as Snoop Dog likes to call it Twizzle). Its a jam packed show, Nat gets on a rant and Paul sits quietly trying to avoid getting involved in an argument. This weeks show is worth every cent of what you payed for it.

This weeks show :-

Marketing News this week:-

Feature discussion this week:-

Campaign Focus:-

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Tannie said...


Just wanted to let you all know that I really enjoyed this podcast and it really did get me thinking, so much so that I made my own animated blog about it. I would have replied closer to the release but animated blogs can be a bit of a time taker so I wanted to make sure it was up first.

But yeah you guys do good work, very inspiring. If you wanna check out the aniblog it can be found here.