Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gen Y Marketing Podcast - Episode 30

After numerous complaints highlighting the median age of the Gen Y Marketing podcasters being "old Gen Yers", this week we are joined by 18 year old celebrity marketing blogger Zac Martin. Zac, who was "oh so keen" to point out the age difference steps in to give us his view on all things marketing, blogging and new media. Of course with age comes experience and by 2:30am, whilst Nat and I were still standing, out the front of the Northcote Social Club Zac could be found flying the flag of Generation Y binge drinking (see photo).

This weeks show :-

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Feature discussion this week:-
  • We talk to Zac Martin from the blog Pigs Dont Fly about blogging, being a marketing student and all things new media.
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Simon Oboler said...

If that photo is anything to go by, I look forward to a cracking podcast!

Nudge Marketing said...

I seem to remember the advice "its a marathon not a race" being disregarded by Zac about 2 hours prior to a guy walking out the door of the pub, looking across at Zac hunched over a pool of vomit and say "I'll pray for him" :)

Zac Martin said...

I would just like to clarify to any potential employers that this photo was taken completely out of context!

Good podcast and a great guest this week.

Nudge Marketing said...

Yes I have to admit that that image of Zac fails to capture the exceptional job he did of marketing and promoting both himself and the rest of us to the various female patrons at the establishment.. Seth Godin's presentation skills pail on comparison to this mans works!