Saturday, June 7, 2008

Gen Y Marketing Podcast - Episode 24

Despite our "alleged" lawyers being "allegedly" hard at work looking over "alleged" claims that the ABC's Gruen Transfer blatantly stole segment ideas from the Gen Y Marketing team, we have still managed to crank out another great show for you this week. We even managed to find a campaign that we all actually liked (even Nat)!

This weeks show :-

Marketing News this week:-

Feature discussion this week:-
  • ABC's Gruen Transfer launched last week so we take a look at the good and the bad of raising the curtain on marketing for the average person
Campaign Focus:-

1 comment:

Simon Oboler said...

Firstly I agree completely in relation to the ABC taking the lead in the online/digital side of television. Other then the podcasting of their shows, The Gruen Transfer website is a great example of what the new age design should look like.

Secondly my two cents is that the show is quite good, however the show seems to be targetted towards a general audience as it should be, not just the marketing segment, and therefore if they delve too much into a single topic they might alienate those audience members that are watching it for a television show rather then a marketer watching to gain some insight.

That being said I do love the show, and can't wait for the next podcast to be ready.